How To Be A Player

Do you want to be a player? Not a player in the soccer ground or in the basketball court, of course. Here I’m going to talk about how to be a master player in the field of flirting with women and how to date women like a player. There are, perhaps, very few men who are actually real players with women and this is a highly sought after skill in attracting women.

In order to be a player when attracting women you must first LOVE women. Most players become haters as they’ve been burnt in the past and want to exact revenge of the opposite sex, this is the total wrong mindset to take in becoming a player.

You must be quite eager to know how to be a player. You need not worry since we are providing you with some important guidelines about how to be a player. Do follow these guidelines or tips, whatever you may call it, and see the result. It is guaranteed that you will end up meeting lots of women, flirting with anyone of them and date all of them, whom, of course, you like. In addition to that, you will also be able to make the women strongly attracted to you failing to resist your charms. Now, here are the guidelines about how to be a player. Follow them and become a juggler of women.

Tip 1 on how to be a player:

Have you ever found that a player in any sports cannot be identified as a player when they are already in the game? No, perhaps. They are always in a uniform that makes it clear that they are players. However when they are “infield” they don’t really stand out among the other players in the game …

This is KEY. To be the best player when it come to seducing women you cannot be perceived by the girl as a player. You must generally be seen as a cool, sociable guy out to have fun and enjoy himself and NOT to be a “player” and seduce women.

You need no uniform when you are a player in the field of flirting with women. But what is a must for you to have is the mindset of a player, that killer instinct and persistent attitude. The very first glance at you by any woman should be “wow he looks fun to talk too”…

Are you raising your eyebrow in wonder thinking if it is at all possible? Just follow the following tips.

An easy smile: You might be wondering what this ‘easy smile’ is. There have been many men who either show a lamely practiced smile or present a serious face while meeting women. Some even try to be over smart and try to look mysterious. The fact is that the effort to look mysterious and unique is very common. Almost every man tries to be so. What you will do, is to present a pleasant smile that should look genuine. Make sure that your smile is rehearsed and can look spontaneous so that the woman will at once feel comfortable with you.

It has been found that women hardly like men with a premeditatedly styled smile or a grave face. A genuine smile can make the first conversation go a long way.

Eye contact:  this is one of the very common methods to gain attention of the opposite sex. You can apply this when conversing with women. Even when you are flirting, if you can use your eyes perfectly in connecting with her, your flirty body language will be even more effective. Each and every word with which you flirt with the woman will reach a new dimension if you talk to her looking straight into her. If you have really learnt how to be a player, you can do it perfectly.

Facial expression is one of the main factors that are included within the guidelines of how to be a player. You need not talk all the time. You facial expression should be enough to make the woman understand what you feel about certain things. Whatever your natural emotions may be, they should be conveyed through your facial expressions. They will also serve as means of communication, which is, of course, a subtler medium that conversing. Good players with women have powerful facial expressions when conversing and seducing women.

Tip 2 on how to be a player:

The best answer for the question “how to be a player” can, perhaps, be that one should think like a true player. A one sided game is always a boring game. Likewise, if the conversation consists of questions asked by you and the replies given by the woman, it is surely going to be the last conversation. Never feel shy while flirting with women. Keep in mind that you can say anything to the woman when you are flirting with them. Flexibility is something in which you should master if you really know how to be a player.

Tip 3 on how to be a player:

There is a secret language of a genius player with women. They are not typical words, of course. There are “player” attitudes they you should learn to adopt in order to become a player. Players on the ground take little time to react, keeping mind that they have to react instantly though perfectly, you have to decide what you will say to impress the woman or to flirt with her. Becoming a player is a commitment and dedication to the art of seducing women. You will not master how to become a player unless you SHOW commitment by going out during the day and night several times per week.

I hope you enjoyed this article on becoming a player with women. 

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