Attracted To Hippy Girls? Bring On The Hippy Fever!

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221How to Date Younger Hippy Chicks

Attracting and dating younger hippy chicks is not as difficult as you might think. They less materialistic, less status conscious, and not as motivated by money as career-minded girls. And they are much more open-minded about relationships.

The first thing to consider when looking for a hippy chick is knowing where she’s going to be. Since you know she’s into eco-friendly goods and fair-trade ethics, look for the coffee shops, book stores, organic food stores, and boutiques where they cater to this industry. Also, consider taking up yoga.

Know what eco-issues are current. Just check the daily paper, or do a search on the internet. There are tons of issues being considered today. If you’re overwhelmed by all of them, look at a few to be versed in. When an issue comes up that you don’t know about, all you have to do is be honest and say “I don’t know enough about that to share with you”. She will actually get excited and tell you what’s going on.

Here are some things to remember when looking to attract a hippy chick

1) Don’t use plastic bags. Buy an inexpensive cloth bag that you keep in your car or pocket for when you shop.

2) Get a travel mug for coffee or tea and a reusable bottle for water.

3) Use public transportation or ride a bike for getting around town. Keep the car for out of town driving only.

4) Don’t wear leather. Buy organic clothing when possible.

When you do date a hippy chick, think about where you’re going to take her. Independent coffee shops are small and carry organic bakery items. Little restaurants where the cuisine has a lot of organic ingredients. This will usually be authentic Indian, Middle Eastern, or Thai cuisine. Or, even try out a vegetarian restaurant.

You might find that dating hippy chicks is fun and makes your carbon footprint smaller.

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