8 Signs That a Woman Is Flirting With You…

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girls-gone-wild-hot-girls-women-modelsWomen are like radio stations. In order to hear what they’re broadcasting all you have to do is tune in to their channel. Women are constantly broadcasting their thoughts and desires. The smart man will learn these signs and take note of them regularly.

Listening often means more than using your ears. Active listening is paying close attention to what’s being said and paying close attention to the behavior of the other person while they’re saying whatever it is they’re saying. By combining the input from these two sources you can pretty much read her mind!

Once you’ve practiced responding to these openly hidden signals you’ll develop a very close feel for how each woman you meet thinks before you even talk to her. She’ll appreciate the fact that you can ‘hear’ her and this will put her at ease with you while at the same time broadcasting that you’re the ‘bad boy’ she needs.

Here are 8 different signals that a woman is flirting with you…

Flirting Signal 1: Having A Great Time
Women like to be looked at. They also want to give you a good impression. One of the best ways they can advertise to you that they’re a fun loving person who’s fun to be with is to act like they’re having an extremely fun time with their friends.

Flirting Signal 2: Self Touch
A woman who is attracted to you will often unconsciously touch herself. She may stroke her hair, touch her hands or knees. She’s openly displaying what she’s most likely thinking. She’s most likely thinking about how she would feel if you were touching her in those areas. Always look for a grin or a smile. The bigger the smile the better off you are.

Flirting Signal 3: Preening
Women thrive on being beautiful. When a woman is attracted to you her first thoughts will be about how she looks. She’ll start smoothing her clothing or straightening her hair without even giving it conscious thought. This is a clear sign that she wants to please you enough to attract your attention.

Flirting Signal 4: Checking You Out
Because women thrive of beauty they’ll naturally be attracted to good looks. If a woman sees your face and likes what she sees she’ll generally do the body scan. She’ll start at your feet and work her way up to your face. Remember, she’s doing this because she’s already found something about you that attracts her. This is a good time to make direct eye contact with her. Don’t forget to smile in a friendly manner.

313Flirting Signal 5: Open Body Language
Sooner or later you’re going to have to approach any woman you feel might be attracted to you. As you approach check to see if her body is ‘open’ to you. Look for her arms being open and her wrists being shown to you. Follow through this careful exam as you talk to her. It’s an ongoing feedback tool to understand her level of attraction.

Flirting Signal 6: Gets Closer To You
Another thing to look for is whether or not she moves closer to you. This will generally not happen unless she’s talking to you. Closeness is intimacy for a woman. The closer she allows herself to get to you the more she’s attracted to you.

Flirting Signal 7: Subtle Eye Contact
Most women flirt in a subtle way rather than a direct approach. The one area where they break this rule is when they make direct eye contact. This is a signal flare that they are hot for you. She’s already made up her mind that she likes you and this is her way to openly let you know it’s time to move to the next step.

Flirting Signal 8: Facial Scanning
More often than direct eye contact you’ll notice her checking out your face. If this happens, PAY ATTENTION! See if she’s looking back and forth from your eyes to your mouth. If this happens she’s issuing you an invitation to kiss her. It’s as if she has a billboard stamped on her forehead, “Kiss me stupid. Kiss me NOW!” It’s good to obey. Give her what she wants…now. 😉

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