3 Steps To Meeting Women At Grocery Stores

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Meeting women at grocery stores and supermarkets can be daunting for some men who’re not use to approaching women at these places. However after a few approaches you’ll lighten up and realise it’s actually quite easy and fun to do, sure some approaches may not go down so well however when it comes to meeting women it all comes down to a numbers game in the end.

Supermarket Pickup Tip#1
Be there to shop… Don’t walk around with an empty trolley trying to pick up women, as it just doesn’t seem right, be there to shop for your regular groceries and meet women while you’re there. What I use to do is shop every two days for small items as opposed to doing one big weekly shop that way I can go to that supermarket every two days and work on these skills.

Supermarket Pickup Tip#2
Enjoy yourself, relax and have fun. If you walk around like you’re on a mission to pickup fellow shoppers women will sense this and be creeped out. If you’re walking around shopping, smiling and talk to everyone people will assume you’re just a very sociable guy. So the point is to be seen socializing not just with hot women but the store staff, guys, the counter staff etc as it’ll look much better as opposed to just talking to the hot women.

Supermarket Pickup Tip#3
Warm up. Warm up even before you head to the supermarket to meet some ladies. I use to have this blockbuster video store next to my grocery mart and I’ll pop in for five minutes to have a chat with the girl clerk (who was always bored) and it became such a ritual that she actually looked forward to me coming in every 2 days to have a chat, and this regular interaction we had every few days put me in a top mood for talking to other women when I started my shop for the day.

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